International Coursing

Championship of the Czech Republic

CACIL, CACT, nomination, pointing, championship
April 28th, 2018 - Pardubice

Venue: HorsecoursePardubice, Prazska 607

Coursing race for FCI Group 10, listed breeds of FCI Group 5 and nationally recognized breeds.


           I.             6. 4. 2018

           II.            15. 4. 2018


 According to the FCI Regulations for International Sighthound Races and Lure Coursing Events measurement of Whippets and Italian Greyhounds is required. Dogs can be measured at the withers at an age of at least 12 months. All dogs must be (re)measured before the beginning of the racing/lure coursing season which follows the completion of its second year of life. The result of this measurement must be noted in the licence card.

 In the case that the requirement would not be proofed, the dog will not be admitted to the race.  The starting fee will not be returned.

 Proof of a rating of at least “Very good” at a CACIB show and full pedigree is required for awarding of the CACIL and res. CACIL.

 Nomination of dogs for the 1st run will be based on drawing, runs schedule will be posted before the start of the 1st round and is final, runs cannot be changed.


 Brzask-Makieła Ewa (PL)

Vít Pašek (CZ)

Věra Malátková (CZ)


Dana Václavíková


The race shall be supervised by a vet.


Czech Coursing Club


The FCI International scoring system

CACIL and res. CACIL is provided for all breeds of FCI Group 10, which fulfil the conditions specified in the FCI International racing and coursing rules.

The registration must be substantiate with documentation of a rating of at least "Very good" acquired in an adult class at a CACIB show. Without this required documentation the CACIL or res. CACIL will be awarded to the next dog in the ranking, until and including the 6th position.

CACT is provided for all breeds of FCI Group 10 and listed breeds of FCI Group 5 (Basenji, Cirneco dell’Etna, Pharaoh Hound, Podenco Canario, Podenco Ibicenco, Podengo Português) and nationally recognized breeds (Silken Windsprite and Chortaja Borzaja) and newly in category Sprinter in accordance to National racing and coursing rules ČMKU.

 STARTING FEE             

                               I. deadline - 6. 4. 2018

            27 EUR – 1st dog

            25 EUR – 2nd and futher dog of one owner

                                II. deadline  - 15. 4. 2018

             30 EUR – 1st dog 

             28 EUR – 2nd and further dog of one owner


            6 EUR / run

Application for licensing runs will be opened after the 2nd deadline in dependency of the number of registered dogs. Entry form will be available. So, follow News.


 Applications must be submitted ON-LINE on:


 Pro zahraniční účastníky  / For  foreigners only:

Participants from abroad will be required to pay in EUR at registration on the spot. The record date for the total amount of payments for each dog aplicable for the relevant deadline will be determined by the date of submission of the Entry Form.

 Application is binding, starting fee is non-refundable.


             28. 4. 2018        from 7:00 to 8:00:        All breeds except those named below

                                        from 8:00 to 8:45:        Whippets, Italian Greyhounds, Basenji, Cirneco dell’Etna, Podengo Português and Silken Windsprite

 A change is possible.

 Each dog younger than 2 years and older than 6 years shall to pass the second VET check after finish of 1st run, otherwise the dog will be not permitted to the start of 2nd round!



A change is possible.


 Jackets for the winners.

 Price for the 1st to 3rd place in each race.

 Estimated time of awarding:  6:30 p.m.


Parking for participants on the day of the event will be available for free at designated parking spaces.

Refreshment, toilets and water will be available in the grounds.

Campfires and other fires are prohibited are prohibited within the whole grounds.


Corresponding colored coursing blanket without numbers, advertising and any other additions, just red or white and racing muzzle INCLUDING PLI in accordance to International racing and coursing rules FCI.


Medium technically demanding, 600-900 m long, lure is pulled by ending winch.


Dog must be prepared 2 runs in advance in front of the paddock, then they will be asked to enter into a paddock and then to go to the start with a starter. All participants we asked for punctuality


  • Dogs must be equipped by a valid PET passport, vaccination certificate or other document containing records from VET providing performed required vaccinations and other medical records.
  • Dogs must be clinically healthy, in a good condition and come from areas free from dangerous diseases transferable to carnivores.
  • Dogs must be vaccinated against rabies in accordance to the vaccination scheme guaranteed by producer. In case of use vaccination with longer time of effect, it is necessary to have this time of validity recorded by VET in PET passport or other document mentioned in the first paragraph.
  • Each dog must pass a VET check; otherwise the dog will be not registered into the race.
  • The race is open only to dogs that are clinically healthy and in good shape. From the race are excluded bitches in heat, pregnant and lactating bitches.


Any kinds of doping are prohibited. Rules for doping follow paragraph 1.10 of International racing and coursing rules FCI.


Protest is not acceptable against judge´s decision (run evaluation, DISQ, etc.). Protest is acceptable only from technical reason (for ex. unauthorized start – heating bitch, non-valid licence, etc.). Protest must be in written form and must be make during the race and delivered to the race director after paying a “principal sum” of 20 EUR. This amount of money will be returned to the protest proposer only in case that the protest is valid. Protest will be solved by a committee consists of race director and race judges. A protest proposer will be informed ASAP about result. There will be a written notice about the protest and its discussion and result. This written notice will be hand over to DaC committee ČMKU with a report for coursing race.


According to FCI Regulations for International Sighthound Races and Lure Coursing Events par. 1.11 organiser is not responsible for any accidents, illness or injuries, which happen to dogs or race participants during the race. Free running of dogs is prohibited during coursing race. Organiser will not pay for any losses or damages. Dog´s owner is not responsible for any injuries caused by his dog during coursing race. In all other cases dog´s owner is responsible for his dog!

In the case of a dog run into the track during coursing race the dog owner will pay a penalty of 20 EUR and is also fully responsible for damages caused by this accident.


No entry all unauthorized persons in the racing field!

 Give heed to commands of organisers.

 Organiser reserves the right to cancel the race 5 days before race (bad weather, other serious reasons) by publishing this info on the website:

Organiser is not responsible for damages caused to participants.